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Our Game Jam Games

Moin! Here is a list of the games we have developed for Game Jams. Please don't expect highly polished games! Just lower your expectations as much as you can and you might even be surprised by a positive experience with one or the other title.

Das Bee Team

Lead your own bee colony and catapult your bees as controlled as possible towards the flowers!

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Indiana Stallone and the Paper of Truth

Fight your way through hordes of mummies to get that fabulous treasure that any king would envy you for!

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Pandemic: Cold War V

In keeping with what was happening in the real world, this jam was dedicated to the topic of "plague". In Pandemic you sit comfortably in your office and have to save humanity from dangerous diseases. Good luck!

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Pu(i)nch Giving

A christmassy jam title with local multiplayer mode. Just behave like at a normal Christmas party. Avoid the blows and take away the presents from the others. Merry christmas!

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We didn't want to leave the 2D-Physgun gathering dust, so we put together a little multiplayer title for Halloween where you can compete against each other. Whoever scores the most goals wins!

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Larrys Mod: Fun Gun Reloaded

Less a game than a reinterpretation of Physgun in 2D. Ride on a tuna and throw things around. Have fun with it!

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Rock it!

Mankind dreams of a journey to Mars! But first you should try to reach the moon. Rock it! is a small launching game in which you upgrade your rocket to get further and further towards the moon.

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