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Monday, 18/01/2021, 13:37
MVP: Status report 01/2021
New year, same game

And once again a happy new Moin!

2020 isn’t quite cold yet, and we already have the feeling that 2021 will be a worthy successor. But maybe we’ll be lucky for once.

The end of an important phase is also nearing for us. The work on the prototype will officially last until the end of January, when the thing must be able to stand upright without help. Of course, we are extremely well on schedule and could actually stop working immediately, but we prefer to play it safe and have cancelled sleep.

Most of the basic features are now included in one way or another. The system for the terrain is ready, but still has a few shortcomings in the area of performance at the moment and will definitely have to go to surgery again in further development. Also the basic features for the creation of a house (walls, floors, …) are included and are waiting for tweaks. Right now we’re sitting on the basics for the characters, meaning the animations and character creation. For the basic animations we rely on an AI system that currently handles various basic animations like walking, running and similar.

The prototype will be finished, but it is obviously not a finished game yet. However, it serves its purpose exactly as we wanted it to. It shows us which of our concepts work and which we need to adapt, where our limits are and where we can grow beyond them. So far, all in all, we are very happy with our project and look forward to developing it into a full-fledged lifesim in the future.

Slightly sleepy greetings