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Saturday, 13/02/2021, 13:37
MVP: Status report 02/2021
Showcase Video & Global Game Jam 2021

Hyperactive Moin!

The long-awaited sixth GermanGameDevShowcase External Link by LetsGameDev took place at the end of January. Once again, with a little stress in the final stages, we managed to put together a little video External Link that provides a few more up-to-date insights into our lifesim prototype. This time our focus was on three areas: the character editor, our progress on the AI animation system and finally on the objects that will allow the virtual people of our world to live their life. If you’re thinking “It doesn’t really look like a game…” while watching the video, you’re absolutely right! Our prototype is not a real game at the moment, but rather our playground to test approaches and mechanics for the later game. The development of the future game (if everything works out!) will only begin in a few months. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Global Game Jam 2021: Newcomer to our list of game jam games

To ensure that the weekend was not too boring, this year’s Global Game Jam took place at the same time. This year, the DIZ was included as a location and of course they made us dedicate our weekend to the development of a new game. The result of this inhuman ordeal is our small, new game jam title family member "Bruce Stallone and the Scroll of Truth" External Link , more or less a sequel to our earlier game "Indiana Stallone and the Paper of Truth" External Link . In terms of genre, the two have little to do with each other. In summary, our new mini-title is about first finding the “Scroll of Truth” and then bringing it to the goal. Of course, this all makes more sense with a bit of competition, so you can fight with your friends for the scroll. In the current version, one of you simply has to start the game by pressing the “Host” button, the others hop in after you by clicking “Join” and entering the correct lobby ID. If, against all expectations, it is not that simple, please let us know so that we can solve the problem.

That’s all for now. See you soon!