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Saturday, 04/01/2020, 13:37
MVP: Status Report: Our first big project
A life simulation finds a way

Happy new Moin!

A new decade has begun and we are all on the starting line of a fresh year. Last year we found together to start a common business. We entered some Game Jams and made a little progress. But now we are at the beginning of our first big challenge. Six months ago we applied for a government funding for the development of a life simulation prototype. A few days before Christmas we got an answer. Our proposal was accepted, so we are now officially in development!

At this point we cannot tell you a lot about our project. Right now we’re talking about our concepts and clarify the details. We don’t want to raise false expectations, so we’ll talk about it first when we really have something to show you.

In the coming months we will share information, pictures and videos about our progress with you. You will find the latest information here on this website and on our social media channels. If we join a network we will add a link to our social media list in the footer of this website .

Enough talk! We’re going back to work now, so we can show you something soon. We hope for a productive twelve months with a lot of progress and wish you once again at this point a fantastic new year and a great start into the new decade!