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Wednesday, 25/12/2019, 13:37
MVP: Status Report: Christmas Time Update
Another Game Jam: Have fun with Pu(i)nch Giving!

Christmassy Moin!

We have finally taken part in a Game Jam again, or rather the Yogscast Jam on It lasted 48 hours and was all about the theme “Giving”. Not surprisingly we decided to create a Christmas game. The result, Punch Giving or Pinch Giving External Link - the name depends on the person you are asking - is online for free and playable in the browser. After 48 hours of developing we still had a lot of work to do, so we uploaded an updated version today. In this new even more christmassy version we enhanced some functions and made the whole game a little prettier.

You can play Pinch Giving together with up to three friends on your computer. (If you need a break from the Christmas stuff you can also play with NPCs). It is a brawler game, the main target of the game is to gather as many gifts as you can. You get these gifts from a giving hand or by punching away your friends. Isn’t that Christmassy? :)

Whether you get up now to play Pinch Giving or lean back to have a comfortably peaceful Christmas with you family - we say goodbye now and wish you a wonderful Christmas party and a happy new year!

Merry Christmas!