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Friday, 09/10/2020, 13:37
MVP: Game jam spotted in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
DIZ NB hosts 48h game jam

Jammy Moin!

This month, the Digital Innovation Centre Neubrandenburg is hosting a (completely digital) 48h-Game-Jam from 16th to 18th October! As Corona is still highly motivated on the road, this jam will take place completely online. If you are interested, simply register, create a game, either solo or in a group, within 48 hours and upload it to a platform of your choice (e.g.

During the jam, we and the other participants will be online most of the time on a specially created channel on Discord. So if questions arise or help is needed, we are (almost) always available. So don’t worry. This event will certainly not be a lonely one.

How does this work?

The event starts on October 16th at 3 pm. At that time we will all get to know the topic and can start immediately. How we do this will of course vary from team to team. Our team has already participated in a few game jams and has now come up with a rough schedule (concept, distribution of tasks, time plan…), but there are also people taking part for whom this is a completely new experience. Fortunately, a game jam is rather cozy.

This jam is mainly aimed at people from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region in Germany. So if you feel somehow addressed and if it’s even a little bit, register here: Go to the registration! External Link We are looking forward to seeing you!