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Tuesday, 04/02/2020, 13:37
MVP: Status Report: Open Source Release!
Pinch Giving Project Data on Github

Open-sourcely Moin!

Christmas was a while ago, but we still have a little something for you. Shortly before the holidays we created the game jam Project Pinch Giving External Link . When asked, we decided to publish the code. It took us a while, but now we’re finally done. From now on you can download the (more or less proper) project data on Github External Link .

What do you get exactly?

We have uploaded our entire project structure. As we used the open-source game engine “Godot” for our project, you have to download the Godot software from their website to be able to use the project files. During development, we used version 3.1, but the latest version 3.2 External Link , which came out a few days ago, should be used for the current game version.

Godot needs only around 60MB of space on your hard drive and can be executed as a portable software without installation.

As soon as you start Godot you can import our project files and run the project without further adjustments. Now you are able to browse our code and scene files and see how we made our game work.

We hope you find our project useful or at least a little entertaining. If you find an error in our data or just want to know something about it, feel free to ask us anything about it on Reddit External Link or Twitter External Link .